About Access to Giving

Virtual Investor Conference
July 13th - 15th, 2021
Access to Giving is a first-of-its-kind virtual investor conference where companies from microcap all the way up to megacap will have the opportunity to present their story and conduct 1x1 meetings with qualified investors, for charity. Investors will make donations to purchase a block of meetings to meet with companies.
All proceeds go to:
100% of monies raised, through bids on 1x1 meetings, will be donated to financial literacy education.

Presenting companies will pay a nominal presentation fee of $595 or $895, depending on if they prefer to do an audio + slides presentation vs. a video + slides presentation. All presentations will be archived for one year and available for on-demand replay. Plus, all companies will get access to a robust reporting and analytics engine that will allow customers to turn information into insights and help drive engagement.